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I was planning to take today off and catch up on some reading and laundry and what not but I need to interrupt all of that to comment on a few local news stories that I talked about on my show this morning.

The first story, can be read here, is about two teens one 17 and the other one 15 who decided to break into cars in the Town of Dudley the other night. It would seem that these two upstanding citizens decided it is better to steal stuff then buy it for themselves. The residents of the street kept the under surveillance until the police arrived. They also found a car loaded down with stuff registered to a relative of one of the perps. Okay so they are not too bright either. All of this took place at 4:30am on a Sunday morning.

Another story, can be read here, is about two more upstanding citizens from the Town of Auburn who decided that they did not like the color of some of the cars in their area so they decided to spray paint them. Again one was 18 and the other one was 17. This also took place on Sunday from 2 – 2:45 am

The third story, not about teens this time but about someone just as stupid can be found here. You need to scroll down a bit to find the story. This gentleman decided he did not like the windows downtown and thought it was his roll to break them causing about $6,000 worth of damage.

Okay so on the first two stories I have to ask, where the hell were the parents and what in God’s name were these kids doing out at 2:00am on a Sunday? When I was a kid I would not have dreamed of being out that late let alone do something like this. Rampant teen pregnancy, fools doing things like these idiots in these news stories, high school dropout rates being high, and spending more money on prisons then schools, the world is all screwed up and we need to take it back from the ones who seem to be running it.

Now I did not even talk about our great political figures who were indicted yesterday for taking some $57,000 to get the State to give a contract to some friends company. Keep in mind that this fine citizen was the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Massachusetts and the second one to be indicted for corruption. What is going on in this world. We need to take it back. It is time for the REVOLUTION!


  1. I believe the major reason that vandalism and larceny are so rampant in our society today is that our courts are too lenient with persons who commit these crimes. Extreme permissiveness on the part of parents today is another reason. Our courts should require a minimum 30-day prison sentence for each of the three senseless criminal acts described in the article. Such a sentence would serve as a deterrent for teens and adults to commit such crimes. I'm sure our courts will just give these hoodlums "a slap on the wrist" — that is, just a small fine — for committing these crimes. Also, many parents now allow their teen children to stay out as late as they want — parents think they are being nice to their teens by giving them this "freedom" — and this kind of permisiveness adds fuel to the fire with respect to teen misbehavior.

  2. Where the parents? Probably sound to sleep and completely unaware their children had snuck out of the house. One of my children did this frequently and I did not find out about it until *years* later! You can imagine how angry and upset I was. If I kid wants to do something wrong, they will find any manner of way to do it.

    As for the revolution, I just made that same statement to someone a few days ago. We've a bunch of crooks running the country, from the local level on up.

  3. First if these parents were aware,and they may not have been,that these kids were out at 2am and 4am then they should be thrown in jail with their children.
    second when the country takes parents rights away its hard to be tough on your kids if you have to worry if social services will be stepping in and under mining your authority.
    When I was a kid what your parents said went and every one stood up for their rights to be parents.linda

  4. Sometimes when children have their minds made up nothing will stop them. Kids sneak out, it happened to me once. I caught him though when he was sneaking back in – he probably would have gotten away with it if I didn't fall asleep on the couch in the family room that night…oh, the creeking of the basement door was an alarm too!

    He did get in trouble for what he did too.

    Linda made a comment that parents should get in trouble too…not all parents neglect their kids and don't care what they do. I feel bad for some parents who try their hardest but the kids won't listen…but then you do have those parents that don't care.

    Father – sometimes kids do things for attention, some are high on drugs or alcohol, some just do it to feel like they are part of the crowd "peer pressure" It is too bad.

    Then you have the adult male on a rampage doing vandalsim to the town…sounds like he was high on something besides anger!

    I do agree though, something needs to be done!

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