Rude People Make Me Wanna Puke

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Tonight I am writing this from the Press Box at the Worcester Tornadoes game at Fitton Field in Worcester, Massachusetts. The Tornadoes belong to the Canadian American Independent League of baseball and a great team in this great city.

At the start of the game, as they do at most sporting events, they play the National Anthem. The announcer asks everyone to stand, and remove their caps for the playing of the National Anthem. Whilst the Anthem was playing I was scanning the crowd and low and behold, right in front of the Box was this (I wish I could use the word I ant to use) let’s just call him a dope standing there with his hat on, beer in hand, and the other hand in his pocket. I had all I could do to refrain from screaming at this fine American! The kicker of the thing is his son was standing beside him with his hat off and over his heart and actually singing!

This really gets my goat. I cannot explain what this does to me to see disrespect like this. Earlier today I wrote a blog post about Shifty Powers of Band of Brothers fame and how he died in June and no one knew or or for that matter cared about it. Then I come to America’s Game and see this PUTZ (I hope I spelled that right) disrespecting everything that we fought for. Well I guess he fought for the right for this dope to stand there with his hands in his pocket.

The utter disrespect we now see in this country is amazing. Just the fact that the announcer had to tell people to stand up and remove their caps should be enough… I don’t know what to do about but rest assured I will make this my mission in life!


  1. I agree with you fr.but maybe for some reason he was unable to remove his hat,perhaps a mental or physical disability, maybe there was something wrong with his head or hair and he was ashamed to have people see it.We never know why people do not do certain things sometimes theres a reason and sometimes there is not.It's always better to give some one the benefit of the doubt until you find out what is really going on.linda

  2. Unfortunately, some Americans do not show any respect for the multitude of Americans who sacrificed their lives, in order to obtain and maintain our freedom. For a man to keep wearing his hat while holding a can of beer in one hand and having the other hand in a pocket during the playing of the National Anthem at the start of a game, is indeed an insult to all Americans, and especially to America's war heroes. Perhaps if this man lost a close relative in a war, he would show more respect for the National Anthem.

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