Proper of Ordinary Weekdays

In the Orthodox Liturgical Tradition each day of the week is dedicated to a certain person or person, or perhaps like Monday to the Holy Angels. If there is no special prayer for the saint of the day these prayers can be used.

Monday ~ Dedicated to the Holy Angels:

Troparion (Tone 4)

O Captains and leaders of the armies of heaven, unworthy as we are, we beseech you without cease to surround us with your intercessions and cover us beneath the shelter of the glory of your ethereal wings. We bend our knee and cry out with perseverance: “Deliver us from danger. O Princes of the Powers on high!”

Theotokion (Tone 4)

To the one who was reared in the temple, close to the Holy of Hollies, and who was full of faith, wisdom and perfect virginity, Gabriel, the captain and leader, offered respects and greetings from heaven, saying: “Hail, O Blessed One! Hail, O Exalted One! The Lord is with you.”

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