On the Train

As I mentioned in my previous post I am off on another adventure on the train. I am headed to Chicago to the Congress of the Romanian Archdiocese. Every other year, clergy and lay people, gather as a Congress to discuss church matters. We do not decide doctrine or anything like that, but we look at the practice of our faith from an American perspective. We will hear reports from out bishops and the various department heads. This year we will also have presentations on Bioethics and the question of Autocephaly. This should be an interesting Congress. Since I have been involved we have never had such an agenda and I am looking forward to this weekend. It is also the 6th anniversary of my ordination to the Holy Priesthood and I will be able to participate in the ordination of a new priest.

Some thoughts on the train trip. The trip from Boston to New York was uneventful although it seems I book a coach class seat rather than my usual business class seat. I chose to ride in what is called the quiet car. This is the car where cell phone use is not allowed and conversations are kept to a minimum. This is a good place to ride if you wish to read to nap on the journey. I did both. Well that is until we reached New Haven, Connecticut. It seems some people do not understand Quiet Car. Oh well what is one to do.

Whilst in New York, at Penn Station, I noticed something rather odd. Amtrak has it’s own police force. As far as I know they have had this for a long time. They patrol the stations and what not and other such things. The TSA is also in the stations as well as the NYC Police. The thing that struck me was the Amtrak police man walking around with an automatic weapon strapped on his chest! This surprised me. I am all for security but this is a little much. It reminded me of my first trip to Romania in 1992 and seeing the armed guards at the airport. Rather scary if you ask me.

So I have been pondering this whilst on the rest of my journey and posted something on my Facebook wall about it. It harkens back to that terrible day in 2001 when the world changed forever. The terrorists have caused us to change our entire way of life. No longer is flying fun, not that it ever was, but now it is a hassle. Take off your shoes, get an x-ray, perhaps the rubber glove comes out… Again I am all for security but our entire life has changed. Wiretaps, locking people up, new rules on the ability of the police to pull other people over on the suspicion of being illegal. The terrorists never have to blow anything up again, they have won, America has changed and will never be the same. Sorry if I am rambling here but it is true.

Again I am all for security but we must realize that our life is now very different. Not our own doing but forces of evil from the outside that are bent on destroying us. We cannot let them win. Just incase you are confused I blame the terrorists and only the terrorists for the state we are in.

I will write more as I ponder more.

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