I have posted before about my family but it seemed proper to post about them again.

As many of you know my mother went through a little health ordeal this September.  She was in and out of hospital on many occasions and the last stay was just about three weeks.  As our parents get older I guess this is what we have to look forward too.  She is out of hospital now, home and doing much better.  Thanks again for all the prayers.

As it would happen, my mothers sister, my aunt, not ant for those of you from the South, came for a visit.  This had been planned long before the illness came.  In fact when we were all in Tennessee for the family reunion this July we talked about it but it had been planned even before that event.  Well Betty came, and shortly after, mom ended up in hospital.

To make matter worse, my father has a hearing problem and cannot talk on the phone so him being alone really was not an option.  Well all I can say is Betty was a God send.  She came in and took over and helped us get through this ordeal.  She cared for my dad, cooking for him and cleaning the house but was much more than that she was another person in the house to talk too and just to watch TV and be with.

She is leaving today to head back to her life and all of us gathered here at the homestead to thank her for all that she did for us these past weeks.  It is bitter sweet that she is leaving.  Having her here has been great and we will all miss her and we look forward to seeing her again soon.

I think we take family for granted and very often do not say thanks when family helps out, I, guess family is supposed to do that, but saying thanks is important.  I am lucky that my immediate family all lives so close even though I live the furthest away, and we do see each other on regular occasions.

So from all of us we want to say thanks to Aunt Betty, you were great to have around and we will miss you.  You are welcome anytime, even if one of us is not sick!  Come back often and safe travels as you make your way home.

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