Prayer for the Day

I have been reading a new book by Max Lucado called “Out Live Your Life”  I am reading this for a book review that will be posted in a few days.

Each chapter begins with a prayer and this one, found on page 17 jumped out at me yesterday and I thought I would post it as a prayer for today, well not just for today but for everyday.

Loving Father, you made me, so you know very well that I am but dust.  Yet you have called me into your kingdom to serve you at this specific place, at this specific time, for a very specific purpose.  Despite my ordinariness, I belong to you – and you are anything but ordinary!  Help me to pour out your grace and compassion upon others that they, too, may experience the richness of your love.  Through me, my Father, show others how you can use an ordinary life to bring extraordinary blessing into the world.  In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.
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