Bullies on the Bus

By now I am sure you have seen or heard about, the video that has been going around the internet of Karen Klien, the 68 year old bus monitor from Greece, New York.  1.6 million people have watched this video of Ms. Klien being tormented by 4 middle school students.  I will warn you that the language is rather strong, and that is what really makes this video even more shocking.

Back in the middle ages, when I was in middle school, I would never have dreamed of doing anything like this because my parents raised me to respect my elders, a lesson I still hold to this day.  I just do not know what to say about this.  I know bullying is a problem and that something needs to be done about it, but this just seems way over the top.

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  1. Morning Father Peter
    I saw this a couple of days ago and it brought back some memories that I have. I drove bus for Southbridge Livery Service for 25 plus years. The owners were wonderful people and were very good to its employees. We were a family. But during the many years of driving nothing surprised me when it came to the way children acted, especially as we approached the 21 century. As a driver I became very frustrated when a child acted in a inappropriate way and it was brought to the attention of the school administration and that person allowed this child to continue to ride the bus and continue to misbehave because they didn’t want to inconvenience the parent. If that child is causing a disruption on a bus, it present a danger to the other student riders. The behavior of children riding on a school bus should be taken serious and the inconvenience of the parent should not be considered. Riding to and from school on a bus should be considered a privilege and not a requirement. Hopefully the students on this video are dealt with severely for their actions.

    1. George,

      I cannot agree with you more. The privilege of riding the bus to school should be withheld from these children. Although I fear your statement about inconveniencing the parents will will out here in the end.

      1. alot of schools bus because they don’t want the liability of some kid getting kidnapped or hurt walking to school.in our town we have kids who live 5 house down the road being bused to school,when i was a younger,kids that lived that close walked..everyone is afraid of being sued for everything

  2. i saw this several days ago and can only say that children need to understand empathny for other peoples feelings.
    bullies are nothing new,but last night one of the kids parents was on tv. and said his childs behavior sickened him and he was brining his child to a specialist,i thought to myself if that had been my child i would have brought him to this lady’s house made him formally appologize then he would spend his entire summer doing lawn work and any other chores this woman needed to be done..this would be a working vacation for him and maybe next time he’d think twice about other peoples feeling..
    this is not about specialist its about paarents teaching thier children right from wrong..maybe these kids need to work at a food bank or shelter in order to understand how good they have it

    1. i think middle school kids are kind of old to spank,so creativity is called for to bring the point home to them

  3. Years prior, living in the city of New York and commuting by rail, I noticed that people carried reading material and kept to themselves. Children in transit, were restrained by their parents, who taught them to be disciplined and controlled. (If you were not behaved properly, mom knew about it and your parents dealt with it.) Children with absentee parents are craving attention. Attention, good or bad which many times they get from their peers, who are also being raised by parents that are overwhelmed by their stressful situations. These parents are hopeful that their children be raised by everyone else, the government, school and various groups, (activities) that they can enroll them into. Often, their behavior is reflected by their peers, right or wrong, especially when they feel they can get away with it. Some parents simply will NOT discipline their children. Is respect something of a long-lost value, to them and their children? Some, simply do not care what their kids do.

    1. sometimes kids do things because they know they will not get into trouble,i can tell you for a fact,im sure when my son was growing up he did things i didn’t know about,but when i did find out ,he was in trouble..i never said “not my child” i always assumed it was 50% his fault,weather guilty or not..

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