Missing Old Friends

I will admit, and I am not ashamed at this admission, I like television.  After a difficult day, I like to veg out in front of the television and watch some show.  I am not sure if I prefer one genre over another but I do like reality TV shows.  I have been watching Survivor since the show began and I find it just keeps getting better.  But, I also like cooking shows and the cooking shows that are also competitions.

With that said, recently I watched a television show called Army Wives.  I had heard of the show before but never watched it until I saw it was available on Netflix so I began to watch it.

I really like programs that pull you in and in a way make it so you can identify with the characters.  Now, I have never been an Army wife but I have been in the Army and I do understand how difficult the transition can be from civilian to military life and back.  Army Wives does justice to this as well as bringing great credit upon the US military.

The show follows the lives of four women and one man who are all married to people in the Army.  At times it can be boring and predictable but I was hooked from the first show until the last episode of season 6.  The problem is, with the exception of a few characters, season 7 has introduced and entire new cast of characters.

The benefit of watching a show on Netflix or on DVD is that you do not have to wait between episodes and I found myself, on several occasions, staying up until the wee hours of the morning watching the show.  It is my belief that this is drama and comedy at its best and if you have time I recommend watching it.

But, the strangest thing happened while I was watching the show.  Like all good television, the show has its high points and its low points.  At times it makes you laugh and at times it makes you cry, and I am not afraid to admit it.  Like I said, this is good television.

But, as season 6 drew to a close, and the characters started to change, I felt like I was losing friends.  I know this is really stupid and it is only a television show, but I feel strange, like there is something missing.

I used to watch Law and Order, the original not the spin offs, and the best part of that show was that it was not really about the characters but about the particular case they were working on.  The cast completely changed during the long run of that program and it continued in popularity I am not sure I can say the same about Army Wives.

I am watching season 7 and it is very difficult trying to get used to new characters.  Seeing new people in the same sets and what not that the previous 6 seasons did it not an easy shift, like I said it is silly I know but it is what it is.

So, happy television watching and if you do not watch TV that is fine I like this form of entertainment.

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  1. i have the same problem when a series is done i feel like now what..nothing will be as good as what i just watched…but then i find another show and ge sucked in again..just like the feeling i get when i end a good book.

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