I have been neglecting the blogging exercise that I agreed to participate in during this season of preparation for the feast of the Nativity.  I feel like the folks in the Gospel passage from St. Luke this past Sunday.  They all had an excuse to not come to the feast, sure I have excuses but none of them are valid!  I just need to do it!

So the topic for today, actually it was for yesterday, is ancestors.  We have been challenged by Fr. John to write a story about our family, well I am going to cheat and link to several stories I have written in the past about my family.

As many of you know my brothers and I have been involved in family research for many years and I have amassed a wealth of material and I have written about some of it in the past.  So I give you links to three of the essays I have written in the past.


William Henry Preble

The Preble Massacre

Alexander Walter Johnston, An Ordinary Guy

The Legend of Handkerchief Moody


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