6 Steps to Spiritual Awakening in the New Year

It’s a New Year and all of the “New Year, New You” posts and MEMEs have begun to pop up. I decided this year, that I would not make resolutions, they never work anyway, but I would set some goals and one of those goals was to improve on my spiritual life.

On the blog, Sivana Spirit, author Kim Chestney writes about making changes in your spiritual life for the New Year. Chestney lists 6 steps to waking up your inner self and start off on the right path.  Here is a little from the post.

“Each January, as the New Year comes around, we have the opportunity to renew our commitment to personal growth. Now is the time to refocus your life on what matters most: the authentic expression of your inner truth. Virtually all of life’s dis-harmonies and imbalances arise from a state of incongruence between our internal and external realities. Aligning these two aspects of our being is much easier than you might think. The secret is to recognize, understand and express the intuitive connection between our personal being and the universal, cosmic Higher Self.”

Although all of the steps are important, a great place to start is with step number six; love all

Here is a link to the post to read the rest.

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